Abdel Baki Kulo

Dr Abdel Baki Kulo is the deputy chairman of the international assembly for the United National Alliance. He was born in the village of Um Kahif Tahtani. He subsequently joined the ranks of the Kurdish Movement at which point he was sent to Lebanon by the Political Kurdish Movement of which he was a member. He served there until the end of the political period in which The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in South Lebanon was led by Georges Habash. During this time he participated in the Lebanese National Movement and the Palestinian Resistance for two years in South Lebanon. After the Israeli army took over and occupied the area, Dr Abdel Baki Kulo left the country along with a number of Palestinian, Syrian and Kurdish cadres. At this time, he travelled to Europe where he started his studies in the faculty of dentistry in a University in Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia. He graduated in 1993. He later returned to Europe where he travelled around a number of European countries before settling in Iraqi Kurdistan where he now resides working as a doctor in one of its hospitals.