Abshir Aden

Abshir Aden is a Director of United Nationals Alliance and is responsible for the Somalia Region as well as being the Vice President of the UNA Senate. Abshir was born in Somalia and although he left Somalia as a young boy he has never forgotten his roots. He is closely connected with a Somalia NGO called Danguud which actively promotes and delivers Civil Affairs programmes of community based rehabilitation projects, including livelihood support, provision of humanitarian support, employment training, education and health. In addition the Rule of Law programmes will assist the government in developing a sovereign justice mechanism. Projects will include legislative development, criminal justice support, Institution building, criminal justice training and repatriation.

He was brought up and educated in France & UK with his family. He attended University in London and has an MA in European Studies. He served in the French Foreign Legion and is now a successful businessman running a Health and Safety Company in Europe and England.