United National Alliance Organisational Structure

Our party is composed of:

  • The Executive Council.
  • International Assembly.
  • The Senate.
  • Regional Branches.
  • Area Branches.

Each of these has certain duties and responsibilities:

The Executive Council

  • Founder Director.
  • President.
  • Chairman and Vice-Chairman.
  • Directors of the Party.
  • Secretary and National Organiser.
  • Other honorary officers shall occasionally be appointed by the Board. The officers will form the Executive Council of the Party and be Executive Members. The Board of Directors of the Party is the Executive Council, they have the powers and duties which are set out in the Articles of Association and also outline other issues such as:
  • Membership and general meetings.
  • Election, retirement and re-election of Directors.
  • Disqualification and removal of Directors.
  • Director’s interests.
  • Proceedings of the Board.

The role of the Executive Council is to safeguard and ensure the observance of the objects of the party, as outlined in the constitution, at all levels of the Party and amongst its members. To supervise and exercise the powers of the Party whether undertaken by the Executive Council Regional or Area branches; provide guidance to the President of the Party on request and advise or provide guidance to the International Assembly with the exercise of its powers.

International Assembly

There shall be no limit on the size of the International Assembly. The President has the unfettered right to appoint the members of the International Assembly under the terms that they shall all be either Executive Members or Associate Members of the Party. The President shall appoint the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the International Assembly and, with discretion, dismiss anyone if necessary. The President shall be an ex-officio member of the International Assembly.

International Assembly Committee:

The International Assembly may, with the agreement of the President, appoint Committees of which the Chairman and Deputy Chairman shall be ex-officio Members and, at the direction of the President, the International Assembly shall establish a:

  • Finance and General Purposes Committee which shall be responsible to the International Assembly.
  • Constitutional Committee which shall keep this constitution under review and as necessary make recommendations to The Executive Council.
  • The Membership Committee shall consider all matters relating to membership of the Party and make recommendations to the Executive Council.

These three Committees shall be chaired by either the Chairman or Deputy Chairman, and include at least four additional Party Members with relevant knowledge. Any meeting of these three Committees shall include the Chairman in the chair and at least two other members of the Committee present. Unless the Chairman or Deputy Chairman chairing a Committee has decided that exceptional circumstances will apply.

The Senate

The Senate shall consist of no more than one thousand individuals, and the President of the Party has the right to appoint the members of the International Assembly under the terms that the members shall all be Associate Members of the Party. They must have a good reputation and history of achievement; a graduate university degree or equivalent professional qualification. The President shall appoint the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the International Assembly and dismiss such persons as necessary. The role of the Senate is to monitor the performance of the International Assembly; act as an arbitrator in respect of any disputes referred to it by the Executive Council, International Assembly, Regional or other branches; consider any appeals by Associate Members in respect of proposals for termination of membership and conduct meetings.


Responsible for coordinating the activities of the party with the regional branches; assisting with the creation of party branches and assisting regional branches and the Chairmen in the organization activities and helping regional branches to remain in close and regular contact with the Executive Council.

Area Branches

Here the President shall ex-officio be the party’s external representative and delegation leader but may nominate other members of the party to represent the party’s affiliated bodies.