Membership Policy

Provided that the individual concerned shall have the right to be heard by the senate of the UNA before a final decision is made.

  1. Membership is open to any individual who wishes to become an associate member (as defined in the articles of Association) and who is interested in furthering the work of the UNA. In addition, there is an annual subscription fee subject to review.
  2. Each associate member will become a member of a branch of the UNA in the area they work or reside. The UNA will decide upon the relevant branch for the new Associate Member.
  3. The Executive Committee of any branch shall have the right to recommend to the UNA the termination of the membership of any individual providing they have sufficient grounds as outlined in Clause (5) below. The Executive Council of the UNA has the power to terminate such membership.
  4. Applications for associate membership shall be sent to the Executive Council and placed before the officers of any branch of the UNA who may approve the application or refer it to the next meeting of the Executive Committee of a branch or Executive Council for consideration. The Executive bodies may approve or decline any application for associate membership.
  5. Any member who ceases to be an associate member of the UNA or publicly declares their support for another political party, shall automatically forfeit their membership without right of audience or appeal.
  6. Where, in accordance with this constitution, the executive council is considering terminating the Associate Membership of any person, the officers (or any three of them) may suspend that person’s Associate Membership pending determination of the decision whether or not to terminate their membership.
  7. Any Associate Member who ceases to be a member of the UNA shall also cease to hold any position in the UNA.